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Editor's Welcome

Thank you for taking the time to view our website.  The Journal of Political Studies here in Edinburgh strives to produce high-quality work, encompassing all aspects of political systems, current politics, and government policies.


After a year of hard work and dedication, our team has been given the opportunity to refine our skills to really determine which submissions are of the highest standards before being published.


We take great pride in what we do and we hope that one day this will become our legacy.  On behalf of everyone here at JOPS, I welcome you to join us on our journey.


Helena Wilson


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: to educate.  JOPS aspires to create an open platform for well-reasoned, balanced, and scholastic debate on the politics of the world.  It is for this reason that our editors have been selected from outwith any society and political affiliations. We strongly encourage anyone of any political standing to submit work.


Propoganda, regardless of intention, is discouraged.  JOPS chooses articles that are articulate, engaging, and novel.

Our History

The Journal of Political Studies was a start-up project originally created by Jann-Michael Greenburg in the summer of 2013.


While still a fledgling endeavor, the members of JOPS hope to finish the work started just a few months ago by extending a warm welcome to all those who wish to submit an article or op-ed for review and, hopefully, publication.

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