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The Journal of Political Studies is a free, open publication which aims to publish leading articles discussing various political systems and policies and how they come to affect the world in which we live.  We welcome any and all submissions from all persons.


New Articles


Navigating the EU: Past Failures and Future Improvements for Child Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Italy

By Kryssandra Heslop

Vol. II, No. 2


Exporting Democracy

By Audrey Carson

Vol. II, No. 2


Foreign Policy Formulation and Diplomacy

By Rebecca Apperson

Vol. II, No. 2


The Future of Network Diplomacy in Global Governance: On Diplomatic Culture and Small States

By Cherine A. Smith

Vol. II, No. 1


Against a Normative Justification for Scottish Secession

By Elizabeth Hemsley

Vol. II, No. 1


Journal of Political Studies



Federalism: An Independence Alternative?

By Alex Johnston


Military Spending and International Influence

By Nicolas Rossenblum


Immigration Reform and Politics

By Nicolas Rossenblum


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