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Volume II, Issue No. 2


April 6


Copyright 2015 The Journal of Political Studies

Volume II, Issue No. 1


November 11


Copyright 2014 The Journal of Political Studies





Foreign Policy Formulation and Diplomacy (Download Not Available Until April 10 2015)


Exporting Democracy (Download Not Available Until April 10 2015)


Navigating the EU: Past Failures and Future Improvements for Child Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Italy (Download)







How to Achieve a Lasting Culture of Peace: Considering Citizenship and Nationality Dimensions (Download)


Against a Normative Justification for Scottish Secession (Download)


The Future of Network Diplomacy in Global Governance: On Diplomatic Culture and Small States (Download)


Opposite the Editorials


Basketball Diplomacy Rebound: Rodman's Basketball Diplomacy in North Korea and a Practical Guide to Future Success (Download)


Editor's Note: Pages contain size 16 font and double spacing for ease of use. All rights for the written works contained herein are held by each work's respective authors. Not for commercial use.

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